Insights on Healthcare Marketing

Why is Healthcare Marketing More Important Now Than Ever?

The idea of medical marketing was an almost novel concept 25 years ago.  Fast forward.  Now, instead of a bold move on the part of a medical practice, marketing has become virtually a necessity to establish and maintain a successful practice.  Here’s why:

  1. Consumers play a greater, more assertive role in decision-making.
  2. Medical excellence and patient service continue to be a focal point of competition.
  3. Technology has made huge inroads into patient care and expectations.
  4. The Baby Boomer Population – need I say more?
  5. The shift in healthcare benefits from employers to individuals.

 Have you embraced marketing in your organization?

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To Retreat or Not to Retreat? Eight Tell-Tale Signs

Not everyone can commit the time or financial investment required for a full planning retreat.  However, depending on your situation, you may not be able to afford NOT to.  At least not if you want to survive in today’s tumultuous environment. So, how do you know when it’s time to hold a retreat to think strategically about your practice and its future?  Here are eight telltale signs:

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Six Things Your Patients Want and One They Don’t

So what do today’s “prosumers” want from their healthcare providers? 

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In Others’ Words

Never underestimate the power of a happy patient.  We all know that “word of mouth” can be our greatest source for referrals.  Now just imagine if you amplify that voice? Patient testimonials, whether in print, video or online, can be one of your best marketing tools.  They allow you to communicate your strengths through the words of others.  They provide you that ever-so-valuable third-party endorsement.  Not just some celebrity or talking head speaking about how great you are, but a REAL patient who had a REAL problem and experienced exceptional care. Want to take it up a notch?  Identify patients in your practice who are: 

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What do you say? The two most powerful words.

Thank you. Two simple words that your mother taught you. Words that are not said nearly enough.  Yet they can go a long way toward strengthening your staff, retaining your patients, increasing your referrals and boosting your reputation. Who to thank? 1. EVERYONE on your staff 2. Your partners and colleagues 3. Your patients 4. Your referral sources 5. The hospital nurses and staff you interact with whether it be in surgery or on the floor 6. ANYONE who contributes to your success Want to take it a step further?  Make it unexpected and tie an action to the words: 

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Will you be my neighbor?

Do you exist or do you engage? English poet Alfred Tennyson once said, “I am a part of all that I have met.”  You may think I’m referring to the explosion in social media and boosting your online presence and involvement.  And while this is certainly critical, I am actually taking a step back in time.

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Are you a satellite or a neighborhood?

For many medical practices, opening another office is a great way to improve access and availability.  And we are frequently asked to assist our clients with establishing and marketing a new office.  While there are many creative and effective ways to achieve this goal, perhaps the most important boils down to one simple question:  What are you going to call it?  Too often, we hear the word “satellite” while the current office is referred to as the “main office?”  What message does this send to the community you are trying to better serve?  What feelings does this evoke?  How much better does it feel to go to a “neighborhood office” or a “community office?”  Now I feel like you care about me; you’re a part of where I live and what I know.

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The True Power of Social Media in Medical Marketing

“Pro-sumers” turn to the Web for almost every purchasing decision in their lives, and they no longer see healthcare as being any different.  Increasingly, the burden of healthcare costs is shifting from employers to individuals.  And because they are paying more out of their own pockets, they are also spending more time scrutinizing their healthcare decisions. Yes, they want a qualified doctor. But you know what?  More and more, physicians, especially younger ones, are board-certified and fellowship trained.  That’s become an equalizer.  So now, the consumer is thinking if you and the five other doctors in my community have the same training, what is it about you?  Is it your volume?  Your service?  The way you care for your patients?  How you call a patient back?

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Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer Paddles Dragon Boat for first time

Saturday in Orlando at the Orlando Rowing Club, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer joined the Warriors on Water Pink Dragon Boat team for a an hour's practice.  Lots of benefits of fitness and wellness for all.  Engaging the city of Orlando with a dragon boat which is a gift of Women Playing for TIME is another way to raise awareness about defeating cancer as it affects women, their families and friends.  See marketing comes in many packages - even on Lake Fairview on a Saturday morning.

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