What do you say? The two most powerful words.

Thank you. Two simple words that your mother taught you. Words that are not said nearly enough.  Yet they can go a long way toward strengthening your staff, retaining your patients, increasing your referrals and boosting your reputation. Who to thank? 1. EVERYONE on your staff 2. Your partners and colleagues 3. Your patients 4. Your referral sources 5. The hospital nurses and staff you interact with whether it be in surgery or on the floor 6. ANYONE who contributes to your success Want to take it a step further?  Make it unexpected and tie an action to the words: 

  • A phone call
  • A warm, personal letter or even better yet, a simple handwritten note
  • Food – everyone loves a free lunch … or breakfast or dinner
  • Gift cards – doesn’t have to be for a lot – just make it personal
  • A financial contribution to an organization that is meaningful to the person or group you are thanking.

So who have you thanked today?