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About Us

Specializing in health care marketing for nearly three decades.


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Marketing Books

Industry insight and practical tips to help your organization.

It takes a specialist.

We believe it takes a specialist to do a specialized job such as medical marketing. Because of our unique experience and expertise, we understand the ins and outs of medical practices of all sizes. We know how to develop relationships with other physicians, how to make patients feel positive about their doctors, and how to proactively position a practice within the overall community.

Why Market?

In today’s business environment – and make no mistake about it, medicine today is a business – marketing is now more important than ever. From increased regulations and decreasing reimbursements to better educated patients and more sophisticated technology, the world of health care continues to change. That is why we work in close partnership with each of our clients to strategize and craft custom solutions that address these changes and chart a course for success.

Stephen Rogers, President & CEO

Interactive Medicine, Inc.

Andrea Eliscu and her team at Medical Marketing Inc. immersed themselves in our vision and helped develop our branding and Web site. Beyond their practical knowledge, they are insightful, perceptiv... read more

Shawn Harkey, Chief Operating Officer

Retina Consultants of Houston

We have worked with Medical Marketing Inc. on several projects over the past few years. Most recently, they assisted us with the content for the patient education section of our new web site. They... read more

Robert H. Chong, M.D., F.A.A.P., President

Central Florida Pediatric Society

Our professional organization began 30 years ago, and we were confronted with significant challenges to gain general recognition and to communicate our achievements to our members. Medical Marketin... read more

Nancy Brown, M.D, Physician

Partners in Women’s Healthcare, PA

Andrea Eliscu and her team put together a great logo and marketing campaign that really reflected all of our ideas and incorporated the true scope of our OB/GYN practice – from pregnancy to menop... read more

Miles Landis, M.D., Senior Managing Partner

Lake Mary Pediatrics

The most important advice I can give to a practitioner considering the aide of a marketing professional is that these same people would never consider building the office they practice in without t... read more

Linda Zinkovich, COO

Orlando Health Physician Associates

In It's Personal:  The Art of Building Your Practice, Andrea demonstrates that it's the unexpected -- the little things, done right every day -- that can make the biggest... read more

John Mina, Chief

Orlando Police Department

Andrea is a community-builder, and this book shares her approach to building relationships that boost organizations to the next level. In her volunteer leadership of our Dueling Dragons "Cops and K... read more

Jeff Brockette, CEO

Texas Retina Associates

We are true partners and have been for almost 20 years now. We jointly develop our marketing strategies, and MMI skillfully and professionally executes them in an efficient, cost-effective manner.... read more

Jacek J. de Haan, D.V.M., Medical Director

Affiliated Veterinary Specialists

We have worked with Medical Marketing Inc. and Andrea Eliscu for 10 years now. Andrea is wonderful to work with, and her marketing skills and savvy have helped us to grow our practice and referral... read more

Grant Scott, Pain and Critical Care Practice Administrator

JLR Medical Group

I just wanted to pass along some early feedback after our workshop regarding customer service. To fully appreciate this, you have to recall the doctor's starting point. Most of the doctors initiall... read more