How may I help you? Ten Tips for Enhancing Customer/Patient Service


  1. Make sure everyone you employ knows what service means and how it should be carried out in your practice or organization.
  2. No matter how briefly your staff interacts with patients or other customers, train them to use the patient’s or customer’s name.
  3. Give added value. Find ways to recognize long-time patients and referrers for their loyalty to your practice.  Can be as simple as a handwritten note from the physician.
  4. Use technology wisely.  It’s as important as intellectual capital in today’s complex world.
  5. Document, track and report.  And don’t simply read reports – take action from the information and trends you extract from them and do so in a timely manner.
  6. Don’t compromise on quality in products, services or people – especially people.  Creating a valued experience is an exercise in thoughtful details.
  7. Find out what your customers experience at your practice.  Hire a mystery shopper.  Implement a patient survey.
  8. Track and identify patient complaints.  Allow the staff in those areas to help develop solutions.
  9. Maintain an open door. Reward staff members who communicate problems and patient concerns. Don’t criticize them.
  10. Experience your competitors.  Find out what they are doing that could attract business away from your practice or organization.