In Others’ Words

Never underestimate the power of a happy patient.  We all know that “word of mouth” can be our greatest source for referrals.  Now just imagine if you amplify that voice? Patient testimonials, whether in print, video or online, can be one of your best marketing tools.  They allow you to communicate your strengths through the words of others.  They provide you that ever-so-valuable third-party endorsement.  Not just some celebrity or talking head speaking about how great you are, but a REAL patient who had a REAL problem and experienced exceptional care. Want to take it up a notch?  Identify patients in your practice who are: 

  • physicians or healthcare workers themselves
  • local amateur athletes or artists
  • business or community leaders
  • established families in the community

Invite them to share their story. Secure their permission. Ask them questions.  Allow them to speak from the heart. Capture it in print and on video. Then share it throughout the community — whether on the Web, through social media, or in a targeted publication.  In whatever you do, be upfront that this is a real patient who achieved real results. Anyone can pay a celebrity to endorse their product or service.  True patient spokespeople are PRICELESS.