Five Tips on Using a Web Site to Market Your Practice

By now, most medical practices realize the necessity of a Web site. Without one, you simply do not exist to a large segment of the population.  Here are a few tips on how to make the most of this marketing tool: 

  1. Hire a professional.  It is well worth the investment.  Interview several companies.  Ask to see samples of their work and check their references.
  2. Provide guidance.  Just because you hire a professional to build or revamp your site does not mean you are off the hook.  Your Web site is only as good as the content you provide to your Web designer.
  3. Make sure you have a plan and a system to keep the site updated and current.  It should be a living, breathing part of your practice.
  4. Make it personal and visual.  Incorporate video bios on your physicians that make them more human than simply listing their credentials.  Include plenty of photos of your physicians and staff.  Shoot brief, compelling, testimonial videos of patients telling their stories.  These will help build your online “word-of-mouth” marketing.
  5. Drive people to your site. Incorporate your Web site address in all your printed materials and communication to both patients and referring physicians.

Is your Website “all that it can be?”