Six Reasons Why Your Medical Practice Should Blog

Does your medical practice have an active blog on your web site? Here are 6 reasons why you should:

  1. Attract new patients. Regular blogging keeps your web site current, improving your visibility by improving search engine optimization (SEO). Incorporate key search terms into your blogs for even greater impact. 
  2. Stay connected. Writing and posting timely blogs strengthens connections with your patients in between visits, building loyalty and boosting retention.
  3. Establish yourself as a thought leader. Blogging on specific topics related to your area of expertise establishes leadership and builds confidence and trust.
  4. Share timely updates about your practice. Do you have a new physician or office? Did you extend your office hours? Did one of your providers publish a medical journal article or present at a medical conference? Blog articles provide an easy and cost effective way to communicate this important news with your key audiences. 
  5. Proactively address issues or frequently asked questions. This not only keeps patients informed, it can reduce phone calls and ease stress on your staff as well.
  6. Feed your social media channels. When you write a blog, be sure to post links to it on your social media channels. This keeps them current while also driving people back to your web site. 

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