How Often Should You Update Your Practice Web Site?

Your practice web site is one of your most important marketing tools. It is the first place most people go to learn about your practice — whether they are a potential new patient or referral source. As a result, your web site is often their very first impression.  

Too often, we see medical practices invest in new web sites and think their work is done. However, the most effective way to ensure your web site is working for you is to keep it fresh and current. So how often do you need to update your site? We’ll divide the answer into two parts:

Ongoing Updates

  • Your web site should be updated every time there is a change in your practice. This includes changes in physicians, locations, services and hours to name a few.
  • Make it a task to have someone in your practice review your entire web site at least monthly to determine if any updates need to be made. 
  • In addition, the more frequently you update your site, the stronger your search engine performance (SEO) through Google. So consider other ways to add new content such as a weekly or monthly blog where you can share news about your practice, “getting to know” articles on your providers and staff, patient education or timely health information. 

New Web Site

  • We recommend that you budget for development of a completely new web site every 3-5 years. Technology changes almost daily and over time, the mechanics and structure of your site can become outdated, negatively impacting its function and performance. 
  • By budgeting and planning for this investment, you can ensure that your practice is prepared and that your web site continues to properly position you as a leader.
  • In addition, if your web site is not currently mobile-friendly, it is definitely time for a new site. Having a mobile-friendly site is critical to both your Google search performance and to users’ ability to easily access information about your practice.  

Whether you are creating a new web site or updating an existing one, Medical Marketing Inc. can help manage the process and craft concise, compelling content to share your unique story. Contact us to learn more.