The Power of Online Reviews

Today’s patients are accustomed to checking online reviews before making purchases and choosing a healthcare provider is no different. 

What are your patients saying about you online? 

Whether it is Google or Healthgrades, it is important to regularly monitor and respond to reviews for each of your office locations and individual physicians. Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure all of your online profiles are updated with the most current practice and contact information. 
  • Graciously thank those who take the time to leave positive comments. 
  • Also thank those who express a negative experience. Let them know you appreciate them bringing it to your attention and encourage them to contact your office by phone to discuss their specific concern further. This shows responsiveness, allowing the patient to feel heard while taking the conversation offline. Accountability is a powerful marketing tool in its own right!
  • Encourage more reviews. Create a simple reminder card to make available at check-out that invites patients to rate you online. You can also include links to your review sites in any follow-up text or email communication. 

No one is perfect, and a bad review here or there is bound to happen. However, responding in a timely manner shows you care. And more good reviews are the easiest way to overcome a bad one!

Your online reputation is more important than ever before. Make sure you invest the time to protect it.