Operating a Medical Practice During a Pandemic — When Things Don’t Go as Planned

“Imperfect is a chance for contribution, connection and improvisation. 

It’s a chance to see the humanity behind the moment you were 

spending so much energy creating.”         — Seth Godin

We are living in unprecedented times. Our world, including our workplaces, has been completely upended. From masks, temperature checks and extra sanitization to social distancing and scheduling changes, we’re all implementing new procedures to keep our patients and employees safe while still delivering the level of service they have come to expect. 

And as with anything new, despite all of our planning and hard work, an occasional mistake can happen — a missed greeting, an unexpected delay, an un-communicated change or an unreturned call. It is how you handle these slip-ups that can make the difference between losing and retaining your patients. 

Empathy. Accountability. Apology. Accommodation. These are some of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal during these challenging days.