10 Tips to Make Sure Your Web Site’s Home Page Hits the Mark

Too many medical practices underestimate the importance of their home page. In many cases, it is your first impression, your welcome mat, your elevator speech. In fact, research shows you have 15 seconds to capture someone’s attention on your site. However, engage them, and they will stay longer.  

Here are a few tips:

  1. Ensure your graphics and content uniquely represent your brand. Your site should look different from your competitors. 
  2. Convey a warm welcome.
  3. Use captivating photos of real people that professionally reflect the personality of your practice. 
  4. Feature brief, compelling content that highlights what makes your practice unique and present those points in terms of how they benefit patients (think billboard messages). 
  5. Keep the page clean with plenty of space and graphics but enough content to concisely tell your story.
  6. Make it easy to navigate and find the information most needed.
  7. Prominently display your phone number and office address. If you have multiple office locations, include a main phone number on the home page and an easy-to-find link to a separate page on the site that has full contact information for all offices. 
  8. Entice visitors to want to learn more. Include links to your latest blog posts with timely news and other information they may be searching for such as interesting and informative bios about your physicians, health conditions treated, frequently asked questions and how to prepare for a visit. 
  9. Include links to your social media sites so people can follow you and stay connected. 
  10. Finally, make sure your home page loads quickly. You can use Google analytics to check the page load time and then make adjustments as needed. Average load time should be under 3 seconds. 

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