Does Your Practice Web Site Have Heart?

Do you know the #1 way to make your medical web site stand out from your competitors in 2020?

Humanize it. 

Effective marketing is about connection and relationships. Yes, you want strong SEO and a clean design with relevant content that it is easy to navigate. But if you really want your site to stand out from the crowd and spark engagement with your practice, give it heart and soul. 

Here are a few ways you can do that:

  • Set the right tone. Use language that is warm, friendly and conversational. Write as if you were taking a friend or family member on a tour of your practice. 
  • Include rich content. Patients may be scared about seeing a new doctor — give them enough information to feel supported, educated and at ease. “What to Expect” content for office visits and specific treatments/procedures is one great way to do this. 
  • Share stories. Start a blog. Humanize your physician bios. Help people get to know the team in your office(s). Feature patient testimonials and success stories.
  • Incorporate real photos of your team. Sure stock photography is easy, but whenever possible, include real photos of your team in action. This builds familiarity. 
  • Add video. Involve your physicians in sharing health tips, answering frequently asked questions, or highlighting exciting news about new treatments or research in your field.  

And if you need help developing effective, customized content for your web site, contact us.