What Patients Want #2: Coordination

In our last post, we talked about the importance of a warm greeting. Today’s topic is coordination. Patients expect coordination within your office, amongst each member of your team as well as with their other healthcare providers. How can your practice enhance coordination?

  1. Foster smooth handoffs. Patients don’t want to have to repeat the same things they just said to another member of your team. 
  2. Ensure everything needed is secured prior to the patient’s appointment. If this is a follow-up visit and you have ordered labs or diagnostic tests, ensure you have the results in hand before the patient arrives. Also make sure you review them before walking through the exam room door. If you have sent the patient to another physician, ensure you have the physician’s notes/report from that visit in hand as well. 
  3. Proactively share your office visit notes and any ordered tests or lab work with the patient’s other physicians as appropriate. This is especially important for patients with chronic health issues who see other physicians on a regular basis to help manage their care.