What Patients Want #1: A Warm Greeting

Don’t underestimate this one. It is especially important for your receptionists and front desk staff but really applies to everyone in the practice when they first encounter someone. Here are a few tips:

1. Treat each patient like you would a friend who came to your house. Extend an extravagant welcome.

2. Be prompt/immediate — don’t make them wait.  

3. Be genuine.

4. If greeting someone in person, stand up. This demonstrates interest and is good for you, too.

5. Look a patient in the eye when you are talking.

6. Ask a question. “How is your day going?” or “How was the drive?” 

7. If you ask patients to complete paperwork in the office, make sure they understand exactly what they need to do. Invite questions. Keep an eye on them and proactively offer to help if you see them struggling.

A warm welcome is your first opportunity to spark a connection and set the tone for the entire patient visit.