Bridging the Generational Divide: What You Need to Know About Baby Boomers

In our last blog we began talking about the different generational groups and some of the characteristics they typically share so that you can better serve and communicate with your patients and referral sources. Today let’s talk about the Baby Boomers. This is currently the largest group and because of their size and age, the highest users of our health care system. They were born between 1946 and 1964, currently ranging in age from 55 to 73. What do we know about them?

  • They are sometimes called the “me” generation.
  • Baby Boomers question everything. Be prepared to answer questions thoroughly and expect to be pressed for details.
  • They value success.
  • Baby Boomers enjoy public recognition.
  • They like to share their opinions.
  • About 91% have a social media account, and they prefer Facebook.
  • However, they value face-to-face communication above all else.
  • Baby Boomers also like electronic communication (e-mail, e-newsletters).

So what does this mean for your practice? How can your team better meet the needs of the Baby Boomers?

  • Do you have a robust, dynamic and responsive web site? Baby Boomers seek current, thorough, and detailed information.
  • Consider incorporating Frequently Asked Questions to meet their demand for information.
  • Actively engage in social media, especially Facebook. Post regularly and respond to comments in a timely manner.
  • Monitor, manage and encourage online reviews.
  • Incorporate testimonials from Baby Boomers in your marketing efforts.
  • Maintain regular communication and keep them “in the know” about your practice.

This list is just a start. Brainstorm other ideas with your physicians and staff. Better yet, ask the opinions of some of your most loyal Baby Boomer patients and referral sources. Find out how you can better serve them. They’ll love the recognition and personal level of attention.

Next time we’ll talk about Generation X.