Seven New Year’s Resolutions for Your Web Site

A new year is a great time to review your practice web site and make improvements. Here are seven resolutions to strengthen it:

  1. Make sure all of the information on your web site is current. Check all event listings, phone and fax numbers, addresses, office hours, staff and physician names, treatment information/instructions, and services. Click and check all links to make sure they are still active and correct. Any new information or timely blog articles you can share? Keeping content current helps improve not only service to your patients and referral sources but also search engine optimization (SEO). 
  2. Make sure your web site is meeting the needs of current and potential patients and referral sources. Look through your site thoroughly through their eyes. Are you speaking to them and providing them with what they need? Is the most important or needed information easy to find?
  3. Review your competitors’ web sites. How are they positioning their practices and serving their patients and referral sources? Look for ways to differentiate and strengthen your messaging and content. Focus on the unique benefits you provide.
  4. Look at your web site on a variety of devices — desktop/laptop, tablet and phone. Is your site design responsive and easy to read and navigate?
  5. Make sure your web site design and language is as welcoming as possible. Invite visitors to want to learn more.
  6. Review all of your web site’s navigation. Make sure it is easy and intuitive.
  7. Look for ways to humanize your web site. Personalize physician bios, include patient testimonials, incorporate real professional photos of your practice rather than stock photography, and consider enhancing your site with video content.