Make Friends

Want to build your practice and attract more referrals?

Then start by making more friends. And I don’t just mean numbers of contacts. I mean quality, individual relationships. 

Whether it be fellow physicians, other healthcare professionals, business executives or community leaders, look for ways to engage and help each other. 

  • Welcome newcomers to your neighborhood and be a resource for them.
  • Get out there. Become involved in something outside your practice. It can be a community organization or event, a school, a chamber of commerce, a professional organization, a church, or a hospital committee or leadership opportunity.
  • Stay connected with your “referral” friends whether it be texts, the occasional handwritten note card, a monthly coffee, or a community event.
  • Express gratitude and do it in a personal and meaningful way. 
  • Recognize others for their accomplishments whether it be an award, certification or addition to their organization. 

Just like the best friendships, referral development is a two-way street.