There’s No Place Like Home

When we’re worried, stressed and don’t feel well, we all yearn for the comforts of home.    Unfortunately, for too long, medical practices and institutions have ignored this basic need.  In recent years, there has been a ton of research on creating “healing environments,” and I’m happy to see that this is starting to trickle down to medical practices as well, causing a shift in the approach to medical office décor. It is becoming much more patient centric as it should. So what does décor’ have to do with marketing?  Everything!!! Your décor and the impression and feelings it gives your patients when they walk in your doors is all a part of their experience and thus, your brand. What does your practice décor say about you?  Is it warm, clean, neat, comfortable and inviting, or cold, stark, dated and cluttered?  Walk through your practice and really look at it through the eyes of your patients (you may need a friend from outside your practice to really give you an objective opinion).  Now, make a list of what could be changed to ensure your office properly reflects your brand.   I’ll provide some tips in my next post.