Do Your Homework

Just like you would never walk into a job interview without researching your prospective employer or perform a surgery without reviewing the chart, don’t jump into healthcare marketing without first doing a little homework. Find out who your target audiences are, what they want and how they perceive your practice.   Look Inside.

  1. Evaluate your own data.  Who are your patients?  Where do they live?  How did they hear about you?  Who is referring to you most/least?  What are their specialties?  Where are they located?
  2. Survey your patients and referral sources to determine what they think about your practice.  What do they like most?  What do they want to see changed?

Look Outside.

  1. Gather information from your local Chamber of Commerce, Census Bureau, hospital, Economic Development Commission, university or college, and other sources.  What are the demographics of your target markets?  What areas are growing?  Where are your best opportunities?  Medicare and Medicaid may also be good sources.
  2. Know your competition.  What are they doing? How are they expanding?  Who are they hiring?

 Gain insight first. Then you can proceed with marketing strategically and more effectively.