Will you be my neighbor?

Do you exist or do you engage? English poet Alfred Tennyson once said, “I am a part of all that I have met.”  You may think I’m referring to the explosion in social media and boosting your online presence and involvement.  And while this is certainly critical, I am actually taking a step back in time. In this high-tech, multimedia world, old-fashioned “high touch,” personal contacts can also make a big impression.  You ARE your community, and building relationships with your neighbors is key to your success.  It not only sparks opportunities and new business, it builds equity in your community “bank account.”  It positions you as a leader, fostering confidence and credibility among both your current patients and referring physicians (who are also your best sources for new patients) as well as those who are just getting to know you. My suggestions?  Look around your new or current community and: 

  1. Identify groups and individuals you should meet. 
  2. Take the initiative to introduce yourself.
  3. Be a resource.  Provide value and tap into an unmet need.  Offer something you have that they need – could be anything from information to manpower to financial support.

Perhaps most important, whatever you do, make it sincere, make it genuine, make it creative, and it WILL be memorable.