Are you a satellite or a neighborhood?

For many medical practices, opening another office is a great way to improve access and availability.  And we are frequently asked to assist our clients with establishing and marketing a new office.  While there are many creative and effective ways to achieve this goal, perhaps the most important boils down to one simple question:  What are you going to call it?  Too often, we hear the word “satellite” while the current office is referred to as the “main office?”  What message does this send to the community you are trying to better serve?  What feelings does this evoke?  How much better does it feel to go to a “neighborhood office” or a “community office?”  Now I feel like you care about me; you’re a part of where I live and what I know. No one wants to feel second-rate or like an afterthought.  Your patients want to feel like they are important and matter most no matter where they go to see you.   Want to take it one step further?  Engage in your community. More on that next time….