Social Media in Healthcare is NOT a Fad

Marc Middleton and I had a wonderful audience this week at the FL MGMA State Meeting in Orlando.  We enjoyed a brave and progressive group who wanted to learn and discuss social media and healthcare.  

Those in the audience represented surgeons, vascular surgeons, infertility, OB-Gyn, family practice, internal medicine, orthopaedics, allergy, urgent care, uro-gynocology, pediatrics, derm and plastic surgery. Twenty percent of the practices reported that they have a Facebook account.  Ten percent use Twitter.
We discussed whether social media is advertising or a way to define your practice and control your message.
Our presentation received rave reviews because we used a mix of statistics, sample physician video bios, actual patient testimonials and even videos defining community involvement.  These all have embed codes, and patients send them to family and friends with or without comments.
We came to an agreement that social media is NOT a fad.