What Patients Want #4: To Know What to Expect

Next up in our blog series on What Patients Want is keeping them informed.

How does your team orient a new patient to your practice? How do you keep them informed about what to expect? Here are a few tips:

1. Offer directions to your office prior to the first appointment. Be sure to mention recognizable landmarks and any special instructions regarding parking. Do this on the phone but also ensure that your practice web site prominently displays office locations with these same instructions and links to maps. Also make sure this is all mobile friendly since many patients will access it on their cell phones.

2. Provide printed care instructions. This can be in the form of an office visit summary or a separate printed patient handout. Even if you go over instructions verbally in the office, many patients will forget important details by the time they get home. Again, it is also helpful to make these resources available on your web site. 

3. When patients arrive — whether new or existing — tell them what is going to happen. This includes what they should do, where they should sit and who will come get them. This is especially important if any testing or procedures will occur. Just as you would with a guest in your home, make them feel comfortable from the moment they are first greeted.