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Over 10 years ago, I had the good fortune to have the editor of The Physician Advisory newsletter recommend that I use Andrea Eliscu for marketing my practice. Andrea and her team are so professional and offer the invaluable insight that is so critical to surviving and thriving in today's difficult medical economics. Andrea's experience and expertise can take a medical practice to the next level.

Dean Mitchell, M.D. - Physician at Ocean Allergy & Asthma, New York

For some reason, physicians think "marketing" is something they shouldn't be involved in. Andrea and her team have taught us that marketing is vital to the survival of a practice. It starts with the small things that we need to do every day and takes us through the big picture -- how we want our patients and our community to view our organization. It takes experts like those at Medical Marketing who are involved with the medical community every day to understand how to help a physician group market and position themselves to their full potential.

Dennis Buhring - CEO at Physician Associates

You all have done a phenomenal job helping us market our new PET camera.  We are very appreciative of the expertise that you provided, and I know we will be asking for your help again in the future!  I love your perspective on things.

Dorothea M. Wynne - Chief Executive Officer at Orlando Heart Center

Our professional organization began 30 years ago, and we were confronted with significant challenges to gain general recognition and to communicate our achievements to our members. Medical Marketing Inc. consulted with us to create and implement a new logo that has made us a visible presence in our community.

Robert H. Chong, M.D., F.A.A.P. - President at Central Florida Pediatric Society

I just wanted to pass along some early feedback after our workshop regarding customer service. To fully appreciate this, you have to recall the doctor's starting point. Most of the doctors initially thought it wasn't the best use of our Grand Round time; a time typically set aside for the discussion of clinical matters. Opinions have changed since the meeting (as evidenced by changed behavior).

Since the meeting, the follow has taken place:

  • A doctor decided to get on the phone and call a good referral source that stopped using us some time ago because of some scheduling problems that have since been fixed.
  • Another doctor called a patient and apologized for his part in a facility's mistake with scheduling and received very positive feedback from the patient (i.e. the patient was pleased and "shocked" that the doctor called them).
  • Yet another physician realized that he is not setting a positive tone in the clinic by allowing daily problems in the clinic sour his mood. He has promised that he is going to try and improve by staying more evenly keeled.
  • There seems to be a renewed commitment to personalized Thank You letters.

I'm very pleased with how the event went. We are working with the docs to give support and positive reinforcement for permanent change.

Grant Scott - Pain and Critical Care Practice Administrator at JLR Medical Group

In the past three decades, Andrea Eliscu has become a marketing expert in the field of healthcare. I have worked with her to help meet her client’s marketing needs through television and have witnessed firsthand how valuable her firm’s expertise is to the individual doctors, medical groups and healthcare organizations she serves. Goals are very different from specialty to specialty and knowing how and where to communicate that message is extremely critical. A strong marketing program can really grow one’s practice.

Dick Katz - Account Executive at WKMG Local 6

We have worked with Medical Marketing Inc. and Andrea Eliscu for 10 years now. Andrea is wonderful to work with, and her marketing skills and savvy have helped us to grow our practice and referral base every year.

Jacek J. de Haan, D.V.M. - Medical Director at Affiliated Veterinary Specialists

Andrea Eliscu and her team put together a great logo and marketing campaign that really reflected all of our ideas and incorporated the true scope of our OB/GYN practice – from pregnancy to menopause.

Nancy Brown, M.D - Physician at Partners in Women’s Healthcare, PA

Andrea Eliscu and Medical Marketing Inc. have been guiding the marketing at Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic for more than 20 years. Andrea understands our marketing needs and works to ensure we position Jewett to exceed the expectation of our community for orthopaedic healthcare.

Charles May - CEO at Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic

We are true partners ... it's not just another project to them. We jointly develop our marketing strategies, and MMI skillfully and professionally executes them in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Jeff Brockette - CEO at Texas Retina Associates

The most important advice I can give to a practitioner considering the aide of a marketing professional is that these same people would never consider building the office they practice in without the help of an architect. MMI is the architect of marketing. They learn about the practice's vision, translate this into a tangible entity and begin the process of making it happen.

Miles Landis, M.D. - Senior Managing Partner at Lake Mary Pediatrics

Andrea Eliscu and her team at Medical Marketing Inc. immersed themselves in our vision and helped develop our branding and Web site. Beyond their practical knowledge, they are insightful, perceptive, well-connected within the industry, detail-oriented and true professionals.

Stephen Rogers - President & CEO at Interactive Medicine, Inc.

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